There is one blog on France's 2012 presidential poll that delivers every campaign trail scoop plus the smartest election analysis. Or so we've heard. As a substitute, France 24 journalists Sophie Pilgrim and Joseph Bamat have combined forces to bring you Presidential Pâté -the greasiest and most savoury mouthfuls from French democracy's grand banquet.
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France's foreign flag orgy upsets nationalist party poopers

A veritable army of flags – flags from other political parties, pro-peace flags, gay rights flags, even the national flags of other countries (!) – streamed into the Place de la Bastille on Sunday. An invasion? Paté went to investigate.

Carla Bruni, the worm in Sarkozy's mouldy apple?

François Hollande’s journalist girlfriend Valérie Trierweiler has been described as his “lucky charm". What about Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, beauty-turned-Botox queen Carla Bruni? Is she a hindrance or a help to his campaign?

Socialists don’t know 'real work': Sarkozy’s desperate Mayday call

With five days to go till election day, a desperate Nicolas Sarkozy was faced with a dilemma Wednesday when France’s annual leftwing mass-gathering took hold of the capital. Solution? Gatecrash the party! And insult the Socialists, naturally...

Sarkozy 2012 or Taking campaign cues from the far-right’s HQ

The odds are stacked against Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential election. Under pressure, the president has chosen one clear response: take direct cues from the far-right.

Revealed: Le Pen’s love for non-French music

Thanks to one of Pâté’s top secret sources, we’ve acquired damning video evidence of National Front leader Marine Le Pen’s taste for non-French music sung by a non-white musician. Quelle horreur! Don’t believe us? Watch the video...

Hollande: ‘Vote for me, N***** in Paris!’

He might be as white as it gets, but François Hollande is the nearest thing to a black candidate France is going to get. That’s according to his latest campaign video, cut to the tune of “Niggas in Paris” by Jay-Z and Kanye West. It’s priceless.

French celeb threatens to flee country if Hollande wins

“If Hollande wins the election, I'm leaving the country.” That’s what tantruming French celebrity Françoise Hardy is threatening after Socialist candidate François Hollande suggested taxing millionaires 75% earlier in his campaign.

Looking for candidates' endorsements

A new interactive Google map shows where each of France’s ten presidential candidates secured the 500 endorsement signatures needed to make their bid official. So where do the hopefuls draw their support and where should they steer clear of?

Mrs. Chirac goes to dance with Sarkozy

Bernadette Chirac, France's former first lady, has hit the campaign trail on behalf of Nicolas Sarkozy with all the fervour that her 79-year-old legs allow. She is bringing out supporters but also provoking one pesky question: where is Mr. Chirac?

Shock video comes back to haunt candidates

It's already one of the infamous phrases of the 2012 presidential campaign, but left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon's words were uttered at FRANCE 24 more than two years ago.

The Paris tour of campaign headquarters

Presidential candidates have to choose their campaign HQ carefully. A crucial equation involving policemen, tobacconists, Lebanese restaurants and dog turds must be achieved to generate voter approval. Team Pâté went to investigate.
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Brigitte Bardot: Loves dogs, hates Muslims

Once upon a time, she was France’s most alluring actress and a source of Gallic pride. Today, she’s deemed a pesky old bag and an embarrassment to her country. One thing’s for sure – Brigitte Bardot is still a great source of entertainment.

François Hollande seen from London: A charismatic bank-bashing rockstar

François Hollande spent Wednesday in London, eating Yorkshire puddings with his Labour counterpart and posing for photos under Big Ben. How did the British press react to the French presidential frontrunner’s cross-Channel sojourn?

Welcome to the ‘Ministry of Suburbs’

An abandoned city mansion in the centre of Paris found itself some new tenants this week when what Sarkozy would describe as ‘Suburban rabble’ moved in. Find out why François Hollande went round for tea and biscuits...

A far righteous cocktail with the press

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen both loves and hates the media. But at a cocktail gathering for the press in the city of Lille, the hostess showed she doesn't master the media like her father once did -- or continues to do.

Presidential heartthrobs? The race for France’s sexiest has one clear winner

It is still unclear which French presidential hopefuls will be on the ballot in this spring’s presidential elections, and which will have their hearts broken. But the race for France’s sexiest candidate is a one-sided contest.

Election skeletons: who the presidential hopefuls don’t want you to see

As election season heats up in France candidates will flaunt endorsements from political allies and celebs. But there are also a handful of party figures the presidential hopefuls need to keep out of sight.

Throwing food at politicians: A national French pastime

François Hollande getting covered in flour is no big deal for a French politician. Both Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal have had cream pies thrown in their faces, and Lionel Jospin once came under attack from a tube of Ketchup. Watch the videos...

'Merkozy' for president – this time it’s serious

Angela Merkel has ruffled French feathers with a pledge to join Nicolas Sarkozy in his campaign for re-election this spring. Merkozy for president? No thanks, say the French.

Centrist candidate Morin time-travels straight out of the race

This blog was not planning on endorsing any candidate in France’s upcoming presidential election, but we've decided we’re officially backing the guy who can time-travel.
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