French celeb threatens to flee country if Hollande wins

“If Hollande wins the election, I'm leaving the country.” That’s what one tantruming French celebrity is threatening after Socialist candidate François Hollande suggested taxing millionaires 75% of their salaries earlier in his campaign.


Sixties icon Françoise Hardy (pictured right) told weekly magazine Le Point on Friday that if the Socialist candidate were to go ahead with his 75% tax on millionaires, she would be “living on the street”.  Earning just 150,000 euros a year, she told the sympathetic (er, conservative) magazine that she wouldn’t be able to afford to pay her taxes… “I’ll have to sell my apartment. I’ll be on the street.” But before you send her an old tent and some tin foil, don’t panic – she’s come up with an excellent alternative. “I could see myself living in London or New York,” she muses. And by that, she means living in an apartment.


She's not the only celebrity to voice her disapproval over the idea, although others have been less melodramatic. A few days before Hardy’s desperate homeless appeal, French former heartthrob Patrick Bruel (centre right) gave a more convincing argument as to why 75% was a little over the top. “I’m more than happy to give back a large part of what I earn [to society],” he told French radio RTL. “But at 75%, a tax becomes more of a confiscation.” He then went on to dispel a controversial French myth: “It’s not dishonest to earn a fortune. Especially when we redistribute half of that fortune already.”


Even celebrities who support Hollande have chided him for his ambitious plan. Comedian Jamel Debbouze (bottom right), who gladly supports Hollande publicly, described the tax as “ridiculous” in magazine Les Inrockuptibles last week.


If the Robin-Hood-hopeful was planning to distance himself from his... ambitious idea, it’s too late now. It's already been dubbed… “La Taxe Hollande”.

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I agree with the other person who stated that it doesn't concern Francois Hardy. Francois hollande has talked about taxing indecent remunerations above the million dollar a year. Not 150,000 Euros. What pathetic way to put that she'll be living in the street. Maybe she either misunderstood everything Hollande. It'd pay to read the programmes of candidates at times. I can't see any programme offered by the incumbent President, just regrets and crocodile tears... Don't worry Francoise Hardy, Francois Hollande isn't a rapacious creature. He won't eat you alive. With a name like Francoise Hardy you should in fact support and vote for Francois Hollande. FH in both names :) !!
Rather than such a high tax on regular income, perhaps it would be better to end the exceptions for unearned income. i.e. capital income, income from inheritance, and any other sources of working income which have led to the great disparaties which have developed over the last 30 years.
Maybe Francoise Hardy could start assisting the very poor, she's not all that poor herself from royalties. 150,000 Euros a year these days and age, is quite a nice little sum. Help others in your own country, Francoise instead of seeking refuge elsewhere. They'll tax you there too, don't worry, plus you'll be a fish out of your own bowl. Good luck.
When 15 million immigrants send billions to their home-countries every month the economy of France cannot survive.
gon't rely on the celebritys keeping their word we had some who promised to leave the uk before the 1997 election unfortunately they are still living in the uk
This is a very good tip especially to those new to blogosphere, brief and accurate information… Thanks for sharing this one. A must read article.
"This is what happens when governments steal from the productive members of society and redistribute the wealth to the rest" I don't have anything against productive members of society, if they don't belong to elite which with political connections have a monopole in France or they get profitable contracts from state, or they are favored on one or another way. So if Patrick Bruel is not member of the "cultural elite" favored by TV channels, including state own, than I don't think that he will be among those top candidates in "The Voice". He is not that talented to be there, when half of "The voice" candidates, have better performance and better voice than Bruel, but they are not "elite", so they cannot succeed like Patrick or many others, favored on TV channels. Perhaps it is time that people like Patrick free space in media to others more talented than him?
To the person who wrote "Time everyone contributed their fair share" ... certain citizens paying 75% and others who pay nearly 0% is a far cry from "fair". If you want to live in an outright communist economy, go to North Korea. Have you not read the French constitution regarding property (ie one's wealth) ? Your comments are void of French constitutional values. Holland is using the wealthy as a scapegoat to the benefit of his electoral campaign and simply appealing to ignorant desperation of many poor people.
The French Constitution declares private property as a sacred right which may only be confiscated in extraordinary situations and if the property concerns public utility. One's wealth, which is constantly changing and dynamic, hardly suits this legal definition. Wealth is the result of labor. Therefore, seizing wealth is akin to slave labor. The wealthy are also often the educated and quite innovative and clever (not that the poor are not, but the wealthy definitely are in the vast majority of cases). Such exorbitant taxes do indeed make the wealthy, who are often very mobile, flee the country. ... I should know, for I am educated, wealthy and I have left France for this reason.
This is not a 75% tax on the wealthy, it is a 75% tax upon every citizen. The fact that they will collect it upon the wealthy initially must be remembered forever when the Socialists (Communists actually) declare it not enough and must raise the tax by lowering the threshold. Soon, it will be 75% tax upon those who earn 100 Euro and that will not be enough. A small effort with a calculator will reveal that a 100% tax is needed to tread water for five or six months. What then?
This is not a "75% tax on millionaires," it is the creation of a new, 75% tax rate on earnings over and above one million euros per year. If Françoise Hardy is only earning taxable income of 150,000 euros a year, this new tax rate doesn't even come close to concerning her.
This is what happens when governments steal from the productive members of society and redistribute the wealth to the rest. The productive people vote with their feet and leave for places where their productivity is appreciated. Francoise Hardy has created much wealth and many jobs during her career, she should be allowed to enjoy the legitimate fruit of her labour. Taxation is simply legal plunder; theft by government. France (and the rest of Europe) would be much better off if governments limited their activities to protecting the property of citizens instead of stealing it at gunpoint. Think that is an exaggeration? Try not paying your taxes. Read 'La Loi' by Frederic Bastiat for more information.
While Hollande's idea of a 75% tax rate is disappointingly stupid - even for a socialist - i have never been a fan of fighting stupidity with bulls**t. How come Ms Hardy's revenue of 150k€ going to be amputated by a 75% tax rate that kicks in above 1m€?
A savvy Hollande would use this conversation to reel people in. He knows the hard upper limit on taxation and can just tell rich people "well, I'll shave that down to 60%" and leave the more hard-headed wealthy holding the bag as demonstrating a greedy right wing more set on giveaways to allies than working for the greater good.

Unfortunately as his Social Dem friends have shown time and again there's an almost pathological inability to play hardball in the global left wing. Imagine Hollande playing in a World Cup match and you get an appropriate view of how clumsy and clueless they've all been when faced with HUGE AND OVERWHELMINGLY OBVIOUS OPENINGS to dialog with their fellow citoyens.
How sad this poor pathetic woman earns in excess of 10 times the average wage in France. i pity her poverty. She may wish to live in London, but she better move quickly to take advantage of the UK's over generous tax system to the overpaid and under employed. The government will change in n2015 in the UK hopefully for the better. Those that have avoided paying their dues in tax will almost certainly be the target of the new government. Time everyone contributed their fair share, I earn about the same is this impoverished women, but I give a fair proportion of my tax free income away. I live on less than 30,000 euros a year and very comfortably. Time she did the same.
If Hollande wins

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