Socialists don’t know 'real work': Sarkozy’s desperate Mayday call


While the rest of Europe prances around a maypole or reaches for the Alka-Seltzer, the good people of France spend their national holiday and day off work celebrating, er, work. It’s a historic pastime for the continent’s most passionate strikers – May 1st represents the day they gained the right to paid holiday (way back in 1936) – and has been described as a “religious feast” for the country’s almighty trade unions. Indeed. It’s like Christmas for lefties.


So what on earth was stalwart conservative and master of bling-bling, Nicolas Sarkozy, doing gatecrashing the party with his own rally on their sacred day?


If you ask the president himself (which is precisely what astounded French journalists did last week), he’ll tell you that his May Day party is not merely celebrating work, but real work. With a smirk that would have his former spin-doctors turning in their graves (all having died of heart attacks, naturally), Sarkozy proudly told reporters that his party would celebrate not just work, but “real work” and “people who work hard”. Unlike all those leftist bastards who drive around in Porsches and go yachting in Saint Tropez, right? Oh no wait, that’s Sarkozy himself, doh! He must be talking about the endless stream of illegal immigrants who are eating that secret stash of gold-coated truffles in the Louvre basement.


Anyway... What ensued was a battle of work parties in the capital. While trade unionists and leftwingers amassed to celebrate work on one side of the city, Sarkozy groupies joined hands to celebrate real work on the other. Even far-right leader Marine Le Pen joined in the contest with her own gathering (although her National Front party, popular among the working class, always holds a May Day rally). We were half-expecting her to call it “The really real work party”.


Mayday! Mayday! Sarkozy is going under


While Sarkozy’s May Day appearance was deemed a most terrible indignity among France’s leftwing population, it wasn’t entirely unjustified. Yapping at the heels of Socialist candidate François Hollande since day one of the election campaign, Sarkozy has never quite managed to get ahead of the bespectacled frontrunner. His only hope now is of winning over a few (well, a million), last minute voters. So a whole day devoted entirely to celebrating leftwing values, just five days before the election? You can see his point.


Hollande, on the other hand, was able to enjoy the day off with his comrades, resting his voice before Wednesday’s big debate with the pesky ankle-snapper in question. In a smug poke in Sarkozy’s direction, Hollande told reporters that of course he would not be working on May Day. The whole point of having the day off is to celebrate workers’ rights. Going to work – i.e.: giving a speech – would be a sign of disrespect to the country’s workforce (take that, Sarko!).


An excellent excuse, François, and no doubt a point of view shared by most French workers, but you have all but forgotten Mr Sarkozy’s new slogan. You are clearly a lazy good-for-nothing benefit-scrounging skiver, who is not at work simply because you do not know the value of real work.


Better be ready for the debate tomorrow. That is, if you don’t call in sick!


If you want to follow Wednesday’s televised debate between Sarkozy and Hollande, log onto the homepage at 9pm Paris time and check into our live blog for minute-by-minute updates in English.

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France, hoping you'll do the right thing tomorrow. Time to move left, care about people, control capitalism, and rebuild a hopeful future for everybody. Lead the rest of us in this direction. Vive La France!
I cannot believe that any thinking French person would not vote for Sarkosy. He is being judged by his deeds in a very tough period against nothing (absolutely nothing) but the idealism and wish lists of socialism. France: You may not like to be reminded but please do remember what Margaret Thatcher said: "Under socialism sooner or later you run out of other people's money". Hollande will be there faster than you can blink.
Socialists don’t know 'real work': What an insult to millions of French citizens. Thanks God this arrogant president is on his way out. Good riddance :)
Put aside your personal feelings and do what's the best for France!!! Hollande has no idea of economics. He wants to create jobs in education. That's nice, but where does the money come from. There are not enough 'rich' people to cover that. It's 'normal' middle class people who will pay for it as usual. By spending money that does not exist France will end up llike Spain or Greece. If it's that you wan't go for Flamby. Sarko is the only candidate able to deal with the current situation
The writers of this article should be ashamed of themselves, to be so unabashedly biased. Smug caviar socialists, see how France will suffer when Flanby is President.
If France sends Sarkosy packing, there will be gnashing of teeth in the chaos as France falls victim to dependency and implosion brought by non-French squatters.
If the governments of the world embrace a socialist concept that promotes dependency at this time in history, there will be little hope for future generations having lives independent from full autocratic control / sheep.
Sarko go on ! You are the best and the only one that can make the difference for France !
Sarko go on ! You are the best and the only one that can make the difference for France !
Holland will be forced into the same austerity as everyone else. Voting for the socialists will not solve France's financial problem. Even the French people may not spend money they do not have. Holland's victory will do little more than signal the further down-fall of the French economy, which will drag much of Europe with it. The center of world innovation has long since left Europe, and this slow decline will continue. Electing a person who looks like a giant duck for France's next President will do little better than electing one that looks like a shark. Sharko v. Ducky.
Who the hell is Sarkosy to say that others don't work when if I remember correctly he spent quite a bit of time on the RANCH with Bush and was quiet a frequent visitor of the Ranch in Texas. REAL WORK...he does not know the meaning of the word when he tells farmers at the Agricultural fair in Paris not to touch him.... Farmers are up at 4am and don't go to bed till 8pm...Thats real work where does he think he gets the food on his table... from Governemnt employess like a mayor who is a senator in Alsace and when she is finished in her post gets her money anyway for the rest of her life...Please this governement is an insult to France... and is no better than the rest.

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