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Brigitte Bardot: Loves dogs, hates Muslims

Once upon a time, she was France’s most alluring actress and a source of Gallic pride. Today, she’s deemed a pesky old bag and an embarrassment to her fellow countrymen. One thing’s for sure – Brigitte Bardot is still a great source of entertainment.   At 22 she was the darling of France, a talented and beautiful actress who nobody could keep their eyes off. At 77, she’s like that racist old neighbour that you avoid in the street – the one that values puppies over asylum seekers.   Already convicted five times for inciting racial hatred against Muslims, Bardot is back, and this time she's got the presidential palace in her sights.     On Monday, Bardot penned a letter to Nicolas Sarkozy, accusing him of letting down the animal world by not banning halal slaughterhouses. “It’s because of you that throat-slitting has become the norm in France,” she griped. Strangely enough, Sarkozy’s pals had just spent the previous few days trying to woo animal rights sympathisers (at least, that's what they claim - they're not at all interested in the votes of France's growing far right electorate, oh no), with talk of modernising the “medieval” practice.   But crafty old Bardot saw straight through them. She knows all too well that the only politician who really, truly hates Muslims enough to pretend to care for animal rights, is far-right darling Marine Le Pen (MLP). She, of course, would have no qualms in banning halal abattoirs in France. After all, the country’s five-million Muslims rely on them. No more halal… no more Muslims? And it would all be done in the name of animal rights, naturally. Bleat it lambs, MLP for president! And God Created… Le Pen’s biggest fan   So when did Bardot take up anti-immigrant ranting as a part-time hobby? She’s certainly no stranger to MLP’s National Front (FN) party – her current husband is a former aide to MLP’s doddering dad, Jean-Marie Le Pen. And in case you forgot, Bardot has already been fined for inciting racial hatred against Muslims numerous times. A few weeks ago she called on French mayors to back MLP in the spring election, to ensure the far-right leader a place in the presidential race. In a scrawled letter to a Nice newspaper, Bardot wrote “[MLP] is a top candidate, defends animals and has the courage to lead our country, France, to its rightful spot in the world.”   We can only imagine were that ‘rightful spot’ might be – a kitten-filled paradise where Muslims have their throats slit by cows?   No wonder there are so few animal rights campaigners in France…
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Loves dogs, hates muslims, huh? She has the right idea, for sure. We need many more Brigitte Bardots. More who acknowledge the criminality of the muslim "religion", more who condemn and punish the atrocities the muslims perpetrate on people of all faiths. Vive le Bardot!
I'd say she talks a lot more sense that you do. Your blog post is so politically correct it's embarrassing. It's also riddled with prejudice against older people through the use of words like "doddering". You would never dream of employing comparably unflattering adjectives when talking about Muslims. But you have been indoctrinated to believe that the de-Europeanisation of Europe is good and anyone who has qualms about it must be evil.
The Religion is Flawed becoz the followers are flawed,All you stupid People are here talking no sense,Any one here is Neurosurgeon,or anyone here is ethologist or any one here has a master in Theology, you all are bunch of racist red neck scum bags.Study and learn ignorant people.As some one said don't argue with stupids,first they will bring you to their status and then they will defeat you becoz they have master that.
All mass-slaughtered animals have their throats slit, in every civilised country. The animals are stunned with an electric jolt first (here in North America anyway) and then the throats are slit so that the animal bleeds out which can't be accomplished unless the heart is beating. Not only is this a federal requirement for government-inspected meats but also for those of Jewish and Muslim religions. Blood-filled meat is nasty for eating.
Well all religions are pretty stupid. But you gotta admit Islam is way out there evil.
A progressive_person says : " . In this global village era, there is no place for racism and intolerant politics " like most progressives and Liberals. I hope to see them fighting and saying the same comments in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran, nothern Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan !! The biggest intolerants and racists are Moslem states : they persecute minorities such as gays, dont allow freedom of religion or conscience especially Christians and political or social ciritcism of Islam is not permitted. The French can go ahead and vote ofr political correctnes and social dictators as happened suring Labour times ( politically correct nauseating - I lived during 5 years : 2001 - 2006 ) and in Spain with Zapatero. You will regret it :
i agree with bridget bardot not only do they slit animals throats they think its right to stone women to death we gave that up in the middle ages
"Koranimals", Gary Rumain? Who is being the bigot now? Have you ever read the Qu'oran??
Ms. Bardot is correct on both counts: Her concern for animals and her understanding of true Islam. Nothing good has ever come out of Islam. One can only assume that the idiot calling Ms. Bardot, "An old bag," is a Muslim. Such disrespect for an elderly woman or any woman for that matter, only comes from those who are enslaved by Islam, or their stooges. If the people of France had any pride at all in their history and culture they would expel that plague which has invaded them from the East.
Europeans, particularly the French are vile, low class racist. degenerates as shown by the majority of comments. I guess Bardot and company identify more with animals because they can't relate to human beings. There is nothing wrong with Halal or Kosher, get over it. Unless one is a PURE vegan, the animal rights fanatics should shut out.
Where is out Le Penn here in England? The French hate muslims in their country as much as we English do. Any step that may put them off staying/coming is a good one. Well said Bridget!
The key point BB wishes to make is to stop inhumane slaughter of animals. France 24 that has twisted the issue she is fighting for, to that of being anti-Muslim. Her appeal to Mr Sarkozy is to stop animal slaughter without prior stunning. No thanks to France 24 for sensationalising this news and turned it into a topic of racism! Animal welfare activists do not wish any animals to be slaughtered. But since this is not possible, the slaughter should be done in the most humane way possible.
I can't help but notice that the bigot who wrote this trash doesn't have the cojones to put his or her name to it. I wonder if the coward knows what koranimals think of dogs?
I think some of you loonies forget that as the blog points out Bardot has been convicted of inciting racial hatred against muslims. She aint no ordinary animal lover who has taken to campaigning responsibly against Halal. She is just racist. Thats all this blog is saying. Ideally Bardot needs an electro stungunning or at least wacked around the head by a big organicaly grown marrow. She is nuts, and i don't think its unprecedented for a blog author to hold in contempt an old racist nut job who has got it in for muslims.
As an answer to the following comment: "France has a problem with non-integrating cultures, and the Muslim culture is much more aggressive about others adapting to it than any other...." I would like to read your comment on the capacity of aggressiveness in the following pictures, please:
The term "Old Hag", was tasteless and unnecessary. B.B. is eternally a beautiful woman, period. You (the writer) seem to have something against her other than her love for animals. She is free to express her opinions. Although, I am against generalization of any kind. I think that one should refrain from being as offensive as the person they are critiquing. Ubi Caritas Est Vera Deus Ubi Est, and so in the spirit of "True Charity", please refrain from offensive language even if you disagree( and may have every right to do so) with the subject you are writing about. Obviously, BB finds comfort in these little helpless creatures, because just maybe she sees herself as helpless and in need of protection. She may see others who differ in their opinion as people who could and want to do harm. Whatever the reason, there is no need to trash her with uncharitable words. She is a beautiful and talented woman who may also have something to learn but won't learn it from someone who is equally uninformed. PAX
1 Mr. SARKOZY, not ''Zarkozy'' (learn to spell, your post is awful) is French and the president of the Republic. Which can only mean that you are not the President, obviously (thank God). His rich background makes him proud 2- Algeria and Tunisia treated french immigrants with hostile racism. The pieds noir had nothing to do with colonization, they just wanted to live in the region. Their expulsion is a far cry from how rude & unpatriotic French-Algerians are treated in France 3-Get a grip on your ego 4-get a grip on your ego and show some respect and decency or seize sharing your backward thinkibng with the masses
Islam represses women's rights and animal rights. This is true of literally every nation which has a majority Muslim population. There is nothing wrong with hating such a vile religion.
Bardot really lost the plot.... Shame for french animal rights activists... they must cringe every time she opens her mouth
I just wanted to make Mrs. Bardot happy!!! Is this fine now:
As a journalist from Lithuania I agree with some commenters that this essay is a bit indeed.
I think people are taking this piece too serious with regards to the authors attitude shown towards Bardot. Whatever your religion, stance on animal rights etc take a second to think about the following. Many people are up in arms over this piece as they love animals and believe that animals have rights (I for one am not opposed to this) but when you hear of people being victims of hate crime or hate speech do you respond in the same way? We cannot generalize and say that Islam hates animals ans western women because that is simply not true. Whether we like it or not, we live in a society becoming more and more multi cultural. Instead of hating those who pray to a different God or kill their animals in a different way can we not try to understand each others culture and traditions and put an end to this cycle of violence and hate
All she says, that slitting of animal throats is bad. Which is probably true. I've heard, that electrocution is much less painful, than slitting throats. This article is written by a furious, completely insane person.
The article is successful in that people are reading it and thinking strongly, one way or the other although I'm not sure I would have phrased things quite the same way. I am American, living in France, and I expect to adapt to the French culture and not the other way around. France has a problem with non-integrating cultures, and the Muslim culture is much more aggressive about others adapting to it than any other. That being said, I think that the whole argument about the way animals are slaughtered is an attempt by the politicians not only to get right wing votes but also to distract people from the real problems France is facing right now (economic primarily). Also, to Henry H., the person who said "Animals live in agony and pain in Muslim countries" in another post...newsflash...animals live in agony in pain in every country in the world.
What a nonsense, if slaughtering is against animal rights then a vegetarian could also say, killing any animal in any way is not justified? Secondly the politics of FN has tendencies of extremism and intolerance. In this global village era, there is no place for racism and intolerant politics. Wish people of France who are torch bearers of democracy, liberty, equality and brotherhood keep playing their progressive role and should not bog down by racist and narrow mindset.
Typically, liberal columnists resort to grotesque ad hominem attacks when their arguments fail to hold water. Brigitte Bardot is a supporter of animal rights. It is, therefore, consistent, that she should oppose the innate cruelty of halal meat production. Quite how that makes her a 'racist' (the unanswerable insult of choice for all Leftists) is beyond me. And is 'old' now smething to be ashamed of, too?
What a nasty article.
You know the expression Dumb Blond Originated after an interview with Bardot when she was all tits and legs,and no brains.
I have to admit, even if it probably wasn't intended, this post made me, as an animal rights sympathiser, feel as though I had been branded a Muslim-hating-intolerant. Ouch.
I take my hat off to you Sophie for writing this article. Brigitte Bardot once a beautiful woman has nothing left to draw attention so she resorts to using animal welfare to show how great and caring she is but deep down which has come to the surface that she is deeply troubled and not right in her mind. Once Jews were the brunt of this and now it's Muslims. There can never be room for racism. Reading through some of the comments is worrying that we have become such an intolerant nation. FACT of the matter is that no slaughter is pleasant or pain free and ALL animals have their throats cut through the slaughtering process. I can only but blame the media and government to create a level of state fear to control all of us, wake up and smell the reality of what is going on. I just hope some looney won't use this attack on Muslims as a ploy to attack innocent do you see the reality.
i would choose Bardots values above those of fanatical moslems any day and the ridicule within this article shows that the writer fears Bardots views as they are very widely held.....
Animals live in agony and pain in Muslim countries, that is a fact. They treat animals very badly, I have seen it myself. They see western women as "bitches" and desecrate our churches by turning it into Mosques.
It is blogs like this that make me want to puke. What horrible writing. Just calling a bad literary piece what it is.
1 Zarkozi is not french in origen he is Bulgarian+Jewish 2- France colonized north Africa (Tunisia and Algeria) muslim countries, hence the influx of muslims after the destruction of their country 3-french fertility rate is in declined..needs foreigners to compensate and generate income=tax 4-face the demographic reality or ethnic cleansing good luck..same for the rest of Europe
By all means, this author's views should be accepted. Shut down that evil racist Bardot! How dare she stand up for the nation of France... a nation that is faced with the destructive forces of "multiculturalism." And if France pulls back from the precipice of multiculturalism, it may survive as a nation-state.... Unless, of course, unions and "welfare lifestyle" citizens continue to such the lifeblood out of this important nation.
Mon Belle Brigitte she is a real true patriot and loves her native France. She hates what France has become with all the foreigners especially the musslims who despise the west. She is the modern symbol of Liberty. France needs to be returned to the French or the foreigners need to embrace the rich French culture and democracy
What is the point of the final sentence 'no wonder there are so few animal rights campaigners in France' - is the author trying to suggest that all those who have grasped the fact that animals are sentient beings who feel pain and fear are racist? If, as I hope, she means that Bardot does the animal rights cause no favours by adopting such an extreme position, she hasn't expressed this very well, it's quite a sneering tone that has been used. Maybe that's true, but Bardot certainly raises awareness of these issues. The author should consider that Bardot is ultimately devoted to animal welfare above racism. I admire the way that she hasn't clung to her youth and has devoted her life to animal welfare. Obviously racism is unacceptable but it's not racist to challenge halal and kosher slaughter. These methods were devised as the most humane available at the time and it's appalling that the religions' leaders and followers haven't adopted the spirit rather than the letter of these laws regarding slaughter. This must be challenged in a rational society.
Why is this author so hateful and contemptuous of Bardot? Her name will be remembered long after he is completely forgotten.
As far as I am aware, the practicality of Halal slaughter, is exactly the same as for Jewish, kosher slaughterhouses. What does Madame Bardot feed her dogs? Not likely a vegetarian diet, road kill, or something that has just succumbed to natural causes, I would confidently posit. As an alternative, she can hardly be an advocate of the stunning blow of the sledgehammer, or the bolt gun. Like Marine Le Pen, she Madame Bardot is a victim of self-inflicted, selective prejudices.
Does Mrs. Brigitte Bardot eat meat? If yes, she has to be quite a hero and in that case has to shut up, because she supports through meat eating a different methode to kill the animals! If no, she has to deal with her prejudgements and probably coplexes etc. about muslims, because not all of them want to kill the animals.
Does Mrs. Brigitte Bardot eat meat? If yes, she has to be quite a hero and in that case has to shut up, because she supports through meat eating a different methode to kill the animals! If no, she has to deal with her prejudgements and probably coplexes etc. about muslims, because not all of them want to kill the animals.
Hi both,

As the aforementioned author I'm pleased to receive feedback in any form, so thanks for your comments.

The argument here is not about halal slaughtering methods (I myself am vegetarian and prefer to avoid slaughtering methods of any kind, but that's not the issue here). This is a story about a famous actress courting the far right, and the way she goes about it. Here in France her behaviour is considered rather amusing.

Halal, religion... these are hard news topics for another day and a different tone. Presidential Pate is a not-to-be-taken-seriously blog (hence the name).

Hateful... I would like to think not. I find Bardot both baffling and entertaining, but hate her I certainly do not.

Best, Sophie, Team Pate
I agree, the author is hateful too. As a passionate animal lover of course she would hate halal methods. And is it wrong to dislike a religion? I think religion is evil. Millions of people have been killed, all in the name of religion.
It seems to me the author is pretty hateful too. What a personal attack on someone with a different view. I wouldn't call this journalism and its not why if read France 24. This is a personal attack disguised as a news.