There is one blog on France's 2012 presidential poll that delivers every campaign trail scoop plus the smartest election analysis. Or so we've heard. As a substitute, France 24 journalists Sophie Pilgrim and Joseph Bamat have combined forces to bring you Presidential Pâté -the greasiest and most savoury mouthfuls from French democracy's grand banquet.
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What’s Sarkozy’s screen name? Just check his Facebook

French politicians have been slow to get online and are far from the leaders in web campaigning. A look at six of the most active candidates and their performances at the start of the country’s first ever web-friendly presidential campaign.

Dodgy campaign photos leave Marine Le Pen red-faced

Far-right presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen has been left red-faced this week after it was revealed by a French blogger that a “homeless man” she used to slate Sarkozy turned out to be an American actor posing for a photo shoot.

Presidential laughing stock: Five years of Sarkozy gaffes

As far as presidents go, Nicolas Sarkozy has provided more than his fair share of entertainment during his five-year term. Here’s a look back at his ten 'finest' moments.

French Presidential Quiz

French presidential elections are a complicated affair, with dozens of candidates vying for power. As the dash to the Elysée Presidential Palace kicks off, test your French election knowledge with a warm-up quiz.
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What’s in a name? Welcome to … Presidential Pâté

What comes to the average Anglo-Saxon mind when it conjures up an image of France? Baguettes, the Eiffel Tower, croissants, cheese… garlic and rude waiters? Very stereotypical, we know. But that’s what we were looking for in a name for this blog.
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